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Hey all,

I know there are a couple people in charge of or members of local groups doing conservation/restoration.

"FishAmerica, in partnership with the NOAA Restoration Center, awards grants to local communities and government agencies to restore habitat for marine and anadromous fish species. Successful proposals have community-based restoration efforts with outreach to the local communities."

The grant states: "Eligible Applicants - Non-profit organizations such as local sporting clubs and conservation associations, educational institutions, and local and state governments may apply for funding." There is a lot more to it, and all the info can be found here:


Read the RFP: http://www.fishamerica.org/grants/documents/2011%20FAF-NOAA%20RFP.pdf

If anyone decides to take a shot at this and needs a hand (particularly the non-science/gov't organizations), feel free to ask me for help by sending me a PM, and I'll do what I can to help with what limited time I have.

Brandon - wasn't sure if this should be on the conservation board or not since it's not a "conservation" post really - move it if you deem it necessary.


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