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Hey people,

I just moved back up here from Naples, Florida. There I was a mate in the keys and out of Ft Myers. I fished for Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, Cudda, Sails, Tuna, Grouper and Snapper. I love being a mate and miss it. If anyody needs help please let me know. Happy fishing, John.:fishing2:

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Here is an ad I found.

I'm looking for a mate.
It will be done my way.
I do not care how you did it,or they did it,...it is one way....my way or the highway.
Must be able to MOVE......Oregon Inlet,NC July ,August..Hatteras,NC mid March,April ,May,June,October,November,..Oriental,NC September,..Rudee Inlet,Va December,January,Febuary,March.
Don't want no Superhero mate who knows it all and feels that HE is doing ME a favor working for me.
Dec/Jan/Feb/March Rudee Inlet,Va Striper fishing...every day
Mid March till May 1 Boat yard....and the MATE WILL BE WORKING THERE WITH ME
May /June Hatteras Sight casting Cobia and Red Drum....Bluewater Bottomfishing
July/August Oregon Inlet,NC...Family shrimpming /crabbing trips..1/2 day inshore trips for Spanish ands Blues..Bluewater bottomfishing
September..Oriental,NC BIg Red Drum Fishing
October/November Hatteras,NC King Mackeral fshing and Bluewater Bottomfishing

All smart asses and sissies don't bother repling.
You will be in the Ocean 200 plus days a year...DEPEND on it...don't need no whining vaginas
Rick Caton
c 252-216-6765
h 252-986-2201

There ain't many that can hang on that schedule........only the True Hard Cores
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