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The fishing has really picked up recently with the warmer water temperatures and arrival of migratory fish and bait. For example, I quickly caught a limit of spanish mackerel last week at the mouth of the river after dropping off a charter. Yesterday we caught 18 large ladyfish on artificials and 15 slot and oversize reds on small pogies. A couple of days ago we got into some good size jacks crashing bait in the river.

There are reports of cobia and rays on the beach, though I haven't seen any yet. Some of the largest pogies I have ever seen are in our area.They are the size of shad and would be too large to use as bait except for large kingfish.

Both the reds and gator trout are hitting topwater lures. A friend witnessed the capture and release of an 8 lb speckled trout on topwater two days ago. I caught 3 slot size reds on a "skitterwalk" earlier in the week walking the dog over shallow mud flats. The water temperature is ranging from around 69 to 75 degrees now and the fish are more active. There are also fair numbers of flounder in the creeks.

The surf and pier are giving up good catches of whiting, some pompano, and yellowmouth and speckled trout when the water is clear. All in all, the fishing is exciting right now. I would describe it as opportunistic. Be ready to quickly present the proper bait to a wide variety of gamefish which might show themselves.

Good fishing!


Captain Bob's Fishing Charters,Inc.
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