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MD tidal license

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Quick question on the tidal license. I had the boat license last year, but I'll be running 2 different boats this year, so I opted for a regular paper license. I'm a non resident, and what they gave me was an 8.5x11 trifolded paper. Do you need to carry that whole sheet with you, or just the first section that says MD Dept Natural Resources Non Resident Fishing License, then it has name, birth date and issue date? Thanks!
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Make sure you don't cut off the date. If you print it online it's way down below where you might fold or cut it. Had a DNR agent last year say to me, "I don't know what that is, I don't see a date!" Since my stickers had blown almost all the way off, I didn't have much recourse. He was being particularly *strict* and also wrote me a warning ticket for a hook prick in my throw cushion.
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