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Me and two of my boys received an invitation to participate in Maryland's youth turkey hunt on some private land on the lower eastern shore. While we didn't come home with a bird, my boys got to hear a gobbler working us pretty good and saw lots of birds in several fields. Also, a hen flew within 20 yards of us and then walked within 7-8 yards of us, practically staring right at us.

Best of all, our host was someone that I had never even met before and he was merely someone who knew of my brother. Yet, this fella treated us like we were family and was just as excited to take us hunting as my boys were to go hunting. Just makes you feel good to know that there are real, first class human beings out there who are also hunters.
Anyway, my boys will never forget their first turkey hunt and neither will I, as it has been said "If a man brings up his sons to be hunters, they will never grow away from him." (A. Rutledge)

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