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Hi Doc,

I understand you are a great source to help solve boat motor problems. Hopefully you can shed some light on my perception of a problem.

If you looked at my other threads, you might recall that my boat is 1995 without a change from the OMC fuel lines from the tank to the carb manifold. I changed these. I haven't changed the small diameter lines from the manifold to the carbs. The Evinrude 130, according to the previous owner was run for about 100 hours over the years. Don't know about the fuel in the tank, or how the motor was kept in storage other than it was covered.

I couldn't find fuel other than E10, so I used StarTron fuel additive to stabilize the fuel. The fuel looked nasty for a short after I added about 30 gallons on top of the small amount of original fuel. No evidence of water in the new filter.

I changed all the fuel lines from the tank to the motor, added a Racor water separator filter, replaced the in motor filter, replaced the squeeze bulb three times, used the squeeze bulb to flush the black fuel line gunk out of the float bulbs (used a small portable tank to feed the Racor filter), and now the motor runs decent ( my opinion ) at idle, slow and high speed. I put plugs recommended by the manual at .030 gap for slow running. The plugs I replaced were gapped at .050.

All this dialog brings two immediate questions. 1) Why would the plugs be gapped at .050 rather than .030? Is this something typical for outboard motors? 2) Why won't the squeeze bulb inflate? I replaced the Racor filter just incase it was blocked - no change with respect to the squeeze bulb. The squeeze bulb seemed to work with the portable tank feeding the filter.

I have thoughts that the anti-siphon valve spring is too strong along with the interim filter for the squeeze bulb to pull the fuel. I left the fill cap open to see if the tank vent was possibly part of the problem. It didn't change anything. I can remove the anti-siphon valve, but I don't know for sure how important it's function is? Maybe keeping fuel in the carbs to reduce the motor crank time?

Finally, I can dump lots of stuff in the fuel. StarTron, SeaFoam, etc. and use other OMC products for maintenance and storage of the motor. But, the OMC products are difficult for me to purchase in the remote area that I reside. Are there common "on the shelf" products that can be used to decarbonize, clean carburetors, etc.

Maybe to many questions, but I'm really new to outboard motor boating. Got years of small sail boats and keeping my motorcycles going, but there's so many more issues involved with water environment for outboard motors. I may be grammar and spelling impared, but my mechanical talents are great! :)

Thanks for any help or information you can provide,

Regards, Joy T Brew
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