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I'm sure everyone has heard throughout the grapevine that we had a great season in Louisiana. Besides a bit of wind this last month, we truly enjoyed lot's of high pressure and cool clear water making sight fishing the marsh perfect. Now there is a hint of warmer air on everyone's shoulders bringing to the front stage of our dreams another monster of the flats. Tarpon have been gracing the flats of the south end of Florida for some weeks now during the warm fronts. Now I know everyone has been having the midnight REM sleep jitters and jolts of perfect casts and strong hook sets on 12wts since January closed its first night. The dreams will always continue but it's now time to check all rods, lines, and fly boxes as the season is upon us once more!
Salted Flats Fly Fishing is making it's spring time migration back home to the Florida flats. We will be spending some fun fish time in south Florida or R&R if you will, enjoying the Silver King ourselves before heading to the Panhandle mid April to Guide Anglers to these prehistoric beauty's the rest of the summer. All the while being out there enjoying this one of a kind sport from the backseat.
It's Tarpon season! See you out there!
Oh here's some pics from this season in LA enjoy!
f red.jpg f ya.jpg IMG_1779 - Version 3.jpg IMG_4149 - Version 2.jpg stud.jpg
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