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In case anyone hasnt seen this or the press....FINALLY something concrete


ASMFC Board Approves Addendum II to the Atlantic Menhaden FMP
Addendum Caps Chesapeake Bay Reduction Fishery at 5-Year Average
& Initiates Research Program to Assess the Status of Menhaden in the Bay

The Commission's Atlantic Menhaden Management Board approved Addendum II to Amendment 1 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Menhaden. The Addendum establishes a five-year annual cap on reduction fishery landings in Chesapeake Bay based on the mean landings over the last five years. The cap would be implemented beginning in 2006. Over-harvest in any given year would be deducted from the next year's quota. Any amount of under-harvest would not be transferred to the next year.

This action was taken in response to concern regarding the possibility of localized depletion of menhaden in the Bay. The 2003 peer-reviewed stock assessment indicates that menhaden are not overfished and overfishing is not occurring on a coastwide basis, however, its bay-wide status is unknown. Due to this uncertainty, the Management Board has implemented a precautionary cap to limit the expansion of menhaden reduction landings from Chesapeake Bay.

At the same time, the Addendum initiates a research program to determine the status of menhaden in the Bay and assess whether localized depletion is occurring. It identifies the following research priorities: (1) determine menhaden abundance in the Chesapeake Bay; (2) determine estimates of menhaden removal by predators; (3) evaluate the rate of exchange of menhaden between the Bay and coastal systems; and (4) conduct larval studies to determine recruitment to the Bay. In support of these activities, the Commission and the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office have begun to move forward on a cooperative research program for Atlantic menhaden.

The Commission conducted 12 public hearings and provided more than 60 days for public comment on the Addendum. Copies of Addendum II will be available in September and can be obtained via the Commission's website at www.asmfc.org under Breaking News or by contacting the Commission at (202) 289-6400. For more information, please contact Nancy Wallace, Atlantic Menhaden Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, at (202) 289-6400 or [email protected]



Tina Berger
Public Affairs Specialist
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
1444 I Street. NW, Sixth Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202)289-6400
FAX: (202)289-6051
Email: [email protected]

ASMFC Vision: Healthy, self-sustaining populations of all Atlantic coast fish species or successful restoration well in progress by the year 2015

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A "peer reviewed stock assessment" claims that "Menhaden are not overfished". What? You mena to tell me that taking whole boat loads of one particular species has no effect on that species?
Man, who paid those guys off? But you are right, jwica, it is a start. Let's hope they don't do the same thing they did with the Rock Fish and wait until the commercial watermen almost wipe the poor little guys out before the government steps in and does something.
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