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Hi Gang,

Every yr or so I get a little sentimental around this time, concerning the Tf Legends who changed the way I fish, as well as many others.

Not trying to start the old battle up, but just want to recognize and give thanks to the old(not in age of course) legends who taught us so much.

For me personally, it (tf and its legends) introduced me to cool/cold wx fishing for stripers. I don't give a hoot about summer fishing. I fish a pp for many months, and enjoy the spring/fall seasons.
Matter of fact, I just got back from catching a few biguns.:D
Oh, and it introduced to a little know place called....cbbt. That place can be pretty good this time of year.
A guy named Cattales took me and Rattletrap down there to fish in the rain/snow/wind.
Caught a nice little 46 incher, not bad for a rookie. :D

Anyway, Thanks to the Boss, Brandon for his great board. And many thanks to the Legends who shared their info (maybe too much so, maybe not) and personally took many of us on their boats.

There are many of them, so you all can add your favorites or stories, I just start it.


Pete Dressler, the Superfish himself. Hope his health is ok. His stories are almost as legendary as his catches. The great Dr Bee, who takes a back seat to no one with a bait caster at the rips (he is unreal).
Tony Hill, one of the greatest big fish catchers that every fished the bay. Can't tell you how many big fish I saw him catch, amazing.

These are the ones that jump out from the beginning. Some of their trips to the cbbt opened up our eyes to a fishing that we knew nothing about. They had some amazing stories that were told. Also, fishing the ocean in the winter, for these big stripers, was among some of their amazing trips.

I could go on and on, but won't.

There are many other guys that gave much to the board, but these big 3 are utmost in my mind.
I applaud them and all the others. :clapping2::clapping2::clap:
Hope they are all doing ok.:D

For those that don't know, tf goes back about 8-9 yrs. Was Chesapeake Angler (I think) then WWA (world wide angler) then tf.

What other Legends would you all like to applaud??
Who influenced you guys the most???

See ya out there.:D

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I learned more about the LTJ in one afternoon from Shawn than I ever thought possible. On the troll, hands down Skip. Livelining... Mark (Mlag):thumbup::thumbup:
First thing that pops out about these guys is how much they love to fish. Then, as you start to fish, the tips and secrets POUR out.

The old addage that "they've forgotten more than you'll ever learn" kicks in:yes:

What ever happened to those guys you mentioned. I haven't been around that long, but recall reading Tony Hill and Dr. Bee's posts.

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We stand on the shoulders of a flannel clad giant, and occasionally clogged up his head...

There is only one, gone but not forgotten...

I give you that seafaring flannel clad man muffin, Captain Jimmy T. Brince, brince, rince, ce, ce, FIELD, field, eld, duh, duh...


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That aint Jimmy, Thats Ol Croaker Head! What an animal!
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