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Lanny, thanks for your good words in the October 2008 BISC Newsletter. The rest of your message was pretty much right on but I thought I should offer a few remarks to further make the case on the need for positive participation. You pointed out that the SML club quoted 20% of the members doing the work and 80% enjoying the effort. During my 8 years of service for the BISC the number of members doing the work was more like 5 to 7%. That's was sad. Even thought the incident that occasioned my resignation, before both me and the Club were ready, was in my opinion a stupid act by a few, it was just the straw that broke the camels back. I got tired. Tired of continually trying to get members to volunteer to do something, just anything and hardly ever getting someone to step up. Tired of playing the appeaser when various cliques had differences and acted like children. Tired of following up on everybody to see if the job was done because you could never be sure. Tired of being the point man on almost every issue that required reaching out to Federal, State and other agencies in the interest of our goals, and yes tired of running around before a meeting just trying to find someone to do an invocation prior to our meal, and then most often having to do it myself.
I am not talking about the 2 to 3% of the officers and directors like Norm Cowder that could be counted on, but gosh, in a total membership of almost 300 people you just got to do better than that. I couldn't for some reason and I sincerely hope you can.
Gene Addesso

PS: I am going to post this message on the web site so everyone can view it whether they agree or not.
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