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MIA here I come

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I was wondering If anyone knew any good charters down in the MIA area. Ill be staying there thurs through a mon late this month. I'll be going with a fellow member of tidalfish and we just wanna go out and catch some fish. Just wanted to know what everyone is fishing for this time of year? sail?dolphin? etc.. any info would be greatly appreciated..
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Bouncer Smith.
Dolphin should be good and Tarpon are in the inlets.

Right now everybody is kite fishing on the edge. This gives you the best shot at multiple species like sails, tuna, mahi, and kingfish. We have been getting a mixed bag of fish on every charter. If you wanted to catch tarpon they are in cut. If I can help you in anyway let me know. Today we got a couple of sails, kingfish and some bottom fish.

Best of Luck...

Lucky 27 sounds like alot of fun...I cant wait untill we get down there. I guess were still shopping around for a charter. Were college students so were trying to find a boat that fits our price range.
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