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Good Action Still To Be Found

Good action is still being found on the edge. Last week we were able to get out and got some good action from several species. We caught a large AJ on the Boddenhammer ship. We followed this action with several bonitas and king mackerel. The ocean seemed to be alive as we live chummed pilchards and the ocean around us exploded with the frenzy of feeding tunas.

We also saw a free jumping sailfish but were unable to get any to take our baits. The bait situation is also improving. We were able to get herring and pilchards and some small blue runners. The fall mullet run will soon be in effect. That means large schools of mullet will be attacked by a myriad of predators and fisherman. This is one of the most exciting types of visual fisheries that you will experience. There have also been reports of sailfish balling baits offshore but we have not experienced this. On the downside the dolphin fishing has taken a bit of a downturn last week. The schools have almost seemed to disappear. I have no doubt that we will start finding them again in the very near future.

We are stating to get ready for the sailfish season here in Miami. That means reels are being overhauled, bait pens are being built and the tournament season is just around the corner. As you can tell this is one of my favorite times of the year.

Give me a call to book yourself a sailfish trip it’s something you won’t soon forget. Last year I put several people on their first sailfish and that was a great feeling. We will also be on the edge trying our hand at tuna, kingfish, snapper, grouper and wahoo. It’s getting good let’s go fishing.

Best of Luck…

Captain Gil Gutierrez
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