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Miami Fishing Report

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Tournament Tune Up

Today my anglers were two members of the Miami Sportfishing Club. They wanted to warm up for the upcoming Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament, a circle hook only billfish tournament. The wind was blowing out of the north at 20-25 knots. We set up our first drift between the condos and the hotels on Key Biscayne. Ten minutes into our first drift we get two sails up on the kite. They stole one bait off the kite and preceded to hand back our second hook after a couple of jumps. At this point we are 0/2 on the sails. Just a couple of minutes later, both flat lines take off toward the stern of the boat with a double header of sailfish, both fish were quickly landed and released.

After no more bites, we made a move north towards Government Cut. This turned out to be a good call since we had some decent blue water and a little north current. Again, we had two sails come up on our kite baits and again they managed to come loose somehow. After adding a kingfish to our final tally the sailfish definitely won today. Our final count for the day was 2/6 on the sails and 1 kingfish. Some days you win some days the fish win.

Best of Luck…

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