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Miami Fishing Report

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Sailfish on the Edge
04/9/05 and 04/10/05

This week found us out on the water sail fishing along a nice edge and blue water in about 150 feet of water. Fishing this edge with me was Matt and two of his friends from work. We fished south of the Monument buoy and found a nice north current with a decent color change. But even with these factors we had no sailfish come up on the spread. After a couple of drifts, we relocated to the sea buoy area around Government cut. This turned out to be the correct move. On our first drift a sailfish ate our deep bait and was quickly released after a short fight. After releasing the fish, I set up again in the same area and was rewarded with our second sailfish of the day. This is the way the day ended 2/2 on the sails and several cutoffs. But we weren't finished yet…

Matt and his friends wanted to catch a tarpon so after grabbing a bite to eat at Bayside we went tarpon fishing. At dusk we were rewarded with a 70# tarpon. After several drifts and no more bites the guys decided to call it a day and head home.


Sunday started out looking for bait at the usual bait spots. But, someone forgot to inform the bait to show up. After finally acquiring bait we were off to find some more sailfish.
Our first drift provided a pulled hook on a sailfish. In addition to that pulled hook we were blitzed by the kingfish that provided two scorching runs but they also cut our line. So I'm starting to get the feeling that this is going to be one of those days. After coming unglued on two more fish I decided to move. Again this turned out to be the right decision. As I was putting our first bait in the water I handed the rod to a customer and told him to put the rod in the front rod holder. As he was walking up there I notice the line ripping off the reel and instructed him to close the bail. As he does this, the circle hook set and up came our second sail of the day. And this is how the day would end. We went 1/2 on the sails with multiple cutoffs.

If you are looking to get in on some of the action you just read about give me a call and let's put a day together. The sailfish are biting offshore and the tarpon are in the cut. Or we could just spend a day going after both.

Best of Luck…

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