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Fishing's Hot in May

The fishing in Miami has ranged from excellent to good in the month of May. Let's get right to the action…

I received a call from my friend Eric Castillo that he was fishing the Groove Town Harbor Marina Tournament and that he needed some help. Earlier they had mechanical trouble on their 34 Diesel SeaVee. A quick call to Arial Pared owner of SeaVee boats and the problem was solved, talk about customer service! Eric then pulls up on a brand new 34 triple engine Mercury Verado/SeaVee Team Boat and we are off to the races. That day we were fishing in an honest 5'-7'. But the fish did not notice, out total for the day was 5 kings, 1 for 2 on the sails and a black fin tuna. Combined with our first days total it was good enough for 6th overall.

Fishing with the Ralph Perdomo family on a regular charter provided a nice change of pace from tournament fishing. After catching bait we were off to look for some sails. After two drifts with 4 cutoffs, we changed to wire. Here came our first kingfish of the day. Next, we had a bonita hit the kite bait. We then moved north and the sails made their first appearance, but we soon pulled the hook. On our very next drift we had a solid hookup on a beautiful sailfish. This fish took off giving us an indication of what we were in for. An hour and a half and two anglers later the sailfish was freed after being caught four times. So the day ended with 1 King, 1 for 2 on the Sails, and 1 Bonita.

How things change in just one day. Fishing with me from Pennsylvania was David Maciborski and his son. They wanted to bend some rods before catching their flight back home. Fishing between the hotels and condos the action was hot. On our first two drifts we had 2 pulled hooks. After that we got fish on every drift. On our last drift we got a massive hit. We picked up all our lines and started to chase this fish. 45 minutes later up comes a beautiful 29# black fin tuna. Our final tally for the day was 5 Kingfish ranging from 12#'s - 30#'s and a 29# black fin tuna. Not bad for a ½ day trip!

If you want to get into a drag screaming tug of war with one of these fish, give us a call. I offer on of the best values on the water. My boat is brand new and I use only top of the line gear. Let's go fishing!

Best of Luck…

Captain Gil Gutierrez.
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