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Miami Fishing Report

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Blackfin Tuna, Amberjack, Kings, Mahi-Mahi and Spinner Sharks!

And that’s just on one trip. Before I get into the action let me apologize for the late fishing report. I’m in the process of moving to a new home so it has been a little busy to say the least. With that being said, lets get to the fishing.

I fished on Friday May 27 with Dave Macnamerra and his father. They wanted to bend some rods, catch some fish, and just have a good time. As we departed Haulover inlet we ran south towards the area of the Twin Diamonds Towers. On our first drift of the area we picked up a tough 45# amberjack. Due to a lack of current and we picked up and ran south again to the area of the Sea Buoy. Once there we found a trickle of north current and some decent water color.

A little while later the current picked up to about 1 knot to the north and this is when the action started. One of our stern flat lines takes off and we are soon into our first blackfin tuna of the day. The angler made quick work of the fish and it was soon deposited into the coffin box. Not wanting to leave fish to find fish we set up again in the same area. Again we had the same results and another larger blackfin tuna was added to coffin box.

I kept redrifting the same area and we kept catching fish on almost every drift.
Our next fish was a mahi-mahi which Dave also made quick work of. After resetting we had two rods go off simultaneously. We had a spinner shark and a kingfish on at the same time. Seeing a fish the size of that spinner shark coming clear out of the water and spinning was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, we broke him off since we were only fishing with a #3 wire. The kingfish Dave was fighting was soon added to our growing inventory of fish in the coffin box.

At 2:00 pm Dave decided to call it a day and we returned to Keystone marina where pictures and high fives were exchanged. This is typical of the species available here in Miami in May. Give me a call and let’s go fishing.

Lots of Luck…
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