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5 Species In One Day

On Sunday September 21 I had Christian Kneap and his father from Tennessee fishing with me for the second time. Sprits were a little low when we met in the morning because the Kneaps had been fishing for swordfish the previous night on a different boat and had failed to connect. They put the pressure on me to produce some bent rods so off we went to fish.

We started our first drift just a little south of the inlet. After putting out my spread of herring we sat and waited. After drifting for awhile with no action I decided to run south. We fished the area of the anchorage to the sea buoy. This would turn out to be the only area we would need to fish. Our first drift produced a kingfish of about 10#'s. From there the action would not stop. Several cutoffs on my bottom rod told me that the kings were biting down deep. It wouldn't be long till we were rewarded with number 2 and 3 Kingfish.

Soon the downrigger would start to sing. After starting our drift in 210' deep I set the downrigger down 80' deep. After a blistering run we would put the first of almost 2 Wahoo in the box. Next the bottom rod started to dance and we would add a 38# Amberjack to the growing number of fish in the coffin box. Again we set up in about 210' of water. And just as we had done in our previous drift we had the rod pop out of the downrigger and scream for mercy. Christian did a good job of fighting the fish only to have it come unglued a few feet from the gaff. Like I said 1 for almost 2 on the Wahoo.
In addition to Christian fighting his fish his father had on his very first Sailfish of his life. Fighting the fish with a cast on his hand proved to be a little tough but he would soon be rewarded with his first Sailfish. In addition to this we caught one of the largest Barracudas I have ever caught on board my boat. After a few photos he would be released to fight again. And so ended the day. On the ride home father and son were high fiving over their catch of Wahoo and Sailfish. That's what its all about.

If you are interested in learning how to fish multiple lines join us this weekend at the Florida Sportsman Fishing Show. I will be doing the 1:00pm seminar on multiple line fishing using kites, downriggers, and flat lines. There will also be other seminars covering a variety of different subjects from inshore to offshore. If you need details feel free to contact me and I will answer all of your questions.

Best of Luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez

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