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Miami Fishing report

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Never Caught a Sail

These were the words I was confronted with when I talked to Ron Zigorski on the phone. As we set up a date to go fishing Ron explained that he has fished with several different guides in several different parts of the world but could not catch a sailfish. According to Ron he had a “sailfish black cloud” over his head. Well we met Friday to go see if we could make that “Black Cloud” disappear. Friday came and we were greeted with a west wind. To be honest I was thinking to myself that I may not be able to make this happen. After catching some bait we headed out to an area that I like to start fishing in off of Key Biscayne. In addition to the west wind I was greeted with very green water. If you sailfish you know that the best wind is a north wind with hard blue water and north current. After hearing reports of slow fishing up and down the line I decided to stay put because this area almost always produces for me. After setting up the spread and deploying the downrigger we would sit and wait. Then it happened after drifting for about 45 minutes we got our first hit and you guessed it a sailfish on the downrigger. It never ceases to amaze me. Now the only problem it that when the rod went off Ron’s son Paul picked up the rod. He handed the rod to his father without a moment’s hesitation. Unfortunately, Ron happened upon a very feisty sailfish that would not quit. After an 1:15 min fight Ron would have his picture taken aboard the Lucky 27 with his first sailfish. To say that he was thrilled would be an understatement. He said “I’ve waited 44 years for this day”.
That is the reason that I became a guide. Even though I have caught my fair share of sailfish it’s still a thrill to see someone catch their first, have their picture taken and then release these beautiful fish to fight another day. But the day would not end there. Since Ron’s son Paul gave his rod to his father I wanted to now catch him a sail.
Before that would happen we were invaded by a very nice school of 11-17# mahi-mahi. The excitement level went sky high as we caught 11 fish and let at least another 6 swim away. It had been awhile since I have seen a larger sized school of mahi-mahi in these numbers. All in al we had a great day on the water with a sail and 11 mahi between 11 and 17 #s.

If you would like to catch you first sail or just like to bend some rods now is the time of year to get out there and go fishing. In about a month the Tarpon should be here in good numbers so if you want to reserve your date give me a call. If you are having trouble trying to find the perfect gift for the fisherman in your life give them a fishing trip. They will have a great time and the pictures and memories will last a lifetime.

And lastly, we will be fishing the Sailfish Kickoff this weekend so stay tuned for details and a fishing report from that event.

That’s it for now and as always Best of Luck.

Captain Gil Gutierrez
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How is the Sailfishing in early March? I'm headed down to Islamorada...boat and all to try it out. I am fairly new to it all, but I like doing things on my own because I learn more that way...I have heard that March is sort of the end of the big bite for down there but a few can be picked up and some days can bring more. Any information as to a typical distance offshore to run that time of year. I am comfortable in my 21' Contender running up to 40 Miles out, but no more. That is a typical distance for us out of Hatteras NC.

I caught and RELEASED my first sail last summer and am ready for more!
Any info would be appreicated...Not asking for secrets!


Chesapeake VA.

21' Contender
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