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Miami Fishing Report

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Hot in December

The fishing that is. We have been busy this past week so let’s get right to the reports. Last Saturday I had Lance and three of his friends on the boat. They wanted to take the day off from their insurance jobs and go catch some sailfish. They would not be disappointed.
We started off by gathering herring and some pilchards and it was off to the anchorage area. After setting up the kite with a balloon due to the light winds we were set to fish. Not long after, I hear the clicker on one of the kite reels start to click but at a very slow pace then I looked over and watched as the cork start to head to the left at a very slow speed. I instructed Lance’s friend to start reeling. As he caught up to the sailfish the show was about to begin. Right off our bow a beautiful sailfish started to tail walk. Then as if right on cue a second sailfish breaks the surface and starts to head towards the other sailfish. Trying to figure out which rod the second sailfish was connected to we all looked at the remaining 6 rods to see which one would begin to complain. Soon the downrigger rod started to scream and we were now hooked in to a double header of sailfish. Both fish were released at boat side and high fives were exchanged along with some video of the whole event. Soon the whole fleet would arrive and the whole area that we had to ourselves would become very crowded.
I decided that we needed to move to the north of the fleet or we may never see another sailfish the whole day. I never break the golden rule of fishing which is leaving fish to find fish but I made the gamble and it paid off. I moved to the front of the line fishing the Haulover area. Soon we would begin to see sailfish everywhere balling bait. Although it was very exciting it was also frustrating because the fish were focused on the bait they were balling and were not interested in our herring or pilchards. I soon began to chum and we would be rewarded with another sailfish. While we were hooked up I was seeing sailfish all around us. I then called in one of my friends and he was able to hook up. All together we saw about 10 sailfish. We ended up the day 3/4 on sailfish.

The fishing is really starting to heat up we have been catching sailfish, kingfish and mahi..We have caught sails on every trip except one and even then we still had two shots at sailfish.

I have also been tarpon fishing. I got the chance to go fun fishing for tarpon with my friend Dave Kostyo. Fishing was good as we went 1/2 on the tarpon. We were able to see the fish busting shrimp on the surface and also saw several rolling. Another friend of ours fishing for tarpon in the same general area as us went 1/4. So even the tarpon fishing is getting good.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The holidays are just a couple days away and I get to spend time with my family and friends. Add in the good fishing and what more could a guy ask for. I wanted to take this time to thank all my friends (customers) that make it all possible. I hope to see you in the New Year and may you have a great holiday.

Best of Luck…
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