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Miami Kings

We have been busy on the Lucky27. I have been fishing 7 of the last 8 days and a couple of more dates previous to that. We have been doing very well on the kingfish getting limits on a couple of days. Even though we do get our limit of kingfish we don’t always keep them all. A lot are released to grow a little bigger. Mixed in with the smaller kings we have caught there have been some larger kings into the 20# class. We also caught some decent Spanish mackerel on the beaches while tarpon fishing. I have not seen a kingfish run like this in a while. We had kingfish skyrocketing our baits on more than one occasion and had two bigger fish cut our number 3 wire as if it were mono.

Tarpon continues to be my most consistent fishery at this moment. We are getting between 1-4 shots at tarpon. Not always hooking them, but we are getting our shots at some good size fish in the 60-110# class. We had a couple of night where the shrimp were running and the fish were blasting the shrimp around the boat. All the action is taking place right on the beaches.

Now to the fish that has eluded us. It can’t always be a positive report. The sailfish have been very hit or miss for us. Either you catch them or you don’t even see one the whole day of fishing. I know of several captains that have experienced the same thing and we are all scratching our heads wondering what’s going on. We started the year off with a bang but the action on sailfish has slowed down a little bit. I look for them to rebound here shortly.

The mahi-mahi fishing has been consistent when we have easterly winds. Soon we will start getting into the blackfin tuna and those are a great fight on 20# test. Next time you go fishing keep an open mind and opportunity fish for what may be biting that day. If a customer wants to fish for sailfish I will also put out a wire leader for kingfish or a bottom rod for grouper. I guarantee that when these rods go off and you put a 20#king in the boat they always have a smile on their face. Until next time.

Best of Luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez
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