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April Fishing Is Hot

April is one of the best times of the year to go fishing in the Miami area, and this year has been no exception. Let’s start offshore and work our way inshore. On the offshore seen we have had a very nice sailfish bite going on. We have caught our share of sailfish in the past weeks. The sails have been showing up very strong in the late afternoon period for us.
In addition to the sailfish we have also caught black fin tuna off the kites. Again the tuna bite for us has come later in the day. We have been catching them while fishing for sailfish. We caught 1 out of 2 on Friday. The one we caught was about 30#’s and put on an excellent accounting of it’s self on 20# tackle. We caught this fish off the kite while using a wire leader in case a kingfish or wahoo showed up. And yes that kingfish showed up, skyrocketed on my bait and is probably still swimming off the coast of Miami. Oh well you can’t catch them all. Add in mahi-mahi and the potential for cobia and you can see why this is our favorite time of the year to fish.
One of the things that we have been doing a lot of lately is tarpon fishing. Having done several trips over the past couple of weeks we caught fish on every trip except one. As you already know if you follow my reports this is one of my favorite game fish. Make no mistake when a tarpon finds your bait you will know. With the exception of the one time we did not catch fish we have been getting between 2 - 5 shots per night. This fishery will be coming to an end soon so don’t wait to long to book your trip. We will be tarpon fishing again this Wednesday so stay tuned to find out how we did.

Until Next Time, Best of Luck…

Captain Gil Gutierrez
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