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Miami Fishing Report

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Summertime Mahi-Mahi

It’s that time of year again and the dolphins are everywhere. Just about the only way that you couldn’t catch one was to stay on the dock. We had a couple trips this week and cashed in on everyone. We have caught anywhere from 1-20 fish with fish into the 20# plus mark. There were times that I actually had to move because the smaller dolphin would not let you get bait out. We have been catching them anywhere from the edge out to 15 miles and from floating debris to beneath frigate birds. We have had good luck trolling cedar plugs, finding the school and then tossing them jigs, cut bait and then as a last resort live bait.
There is still a decent kingfish and tuna bite going on in the late afternoon. My last 10 trips except one has been a 1-9 trip. Although we could have stayed offshore for the entire trip when given the choice all of the customers wanted to spend a little time chasing some tarpon. And the tarpon have been cooperating. I fished with Steve and Stephanie on Friday. We ran offshore only to be chased back inside the cut by some massive lightning strikes that made the graphite fishing rods on my boat hum because of the static electricity. After finding some shelter and waiting for the storm to pass we ran offshore and caught several mahi-mahis to 22#’s and then missed a sailfish. After our short time offshore we headed inshore where we went 2 for 3 on the tarpon. All the credit goes to Steve and Steph because they never gave into the weather and were rewarded with a beautiful night of tarpon fishing on the beaches of Miami. The fishing is very good right now. Give me a call and let’s put something together.

Best of Luck
Captain Gil Gutierrez
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Oh I wish I was home. Thnaks for the report I am stuck up here in Maryland chasing stripers instead of there chasing MAHI.
I hope my family appricates what I have done for them. [angel]
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