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Miami Offshore Report

Boy oh boy have we been busy. Let’s start with the fishing. This weekend we fished the Mayors Cup Sailfish Tournament. With winds gusting out of the east @30knots we had our work cutout for us. On the first day of the tournament we had three shots at fish but were unable to connect. When you are fishing in these sailfish tournaments against some of the best sailfishing crews in the world there is no room for error. Day 2 we went 1/2 on the sailfish. We were never able to recover from our slow start. So goes tournament fishing.

This time of year is when we get a good concentration of sailfish off Miami. And this
year has been no different. When we get ideal conditions, which is a north wind and north current, the sailfishing can get as good as anywhere in the world. We have also been catching mahi and with the east wind we had this past weekend they almost became a nuisance by eating google eyes intended for the sails.

The tarpon action continues at a steady pace with our best trip going 3/3. We have been catching these fish at Haulover and Government Cut. One of the things that I have noticed while speaking with some of the captains in the area is the size of these fish. We usually don’t get the larger fish 100+ lbs till a later in the year. But this year it seems that we have been catching larger fish early in the year. Well that is it for now. If you want to go fishing give me a call and let’s put something together.

Captain Gil Gutierrez
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