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Miami Offshore Report

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Miami Offshore Report

Well let’s get right to the fishing. On the offshore scene we have been catching mixed bags of mahi-mahi, kingfish and sailfish. When we have gotten the right conditions of a north wind and north current we have caught multiple sailfish. When we don’t get the right conditions we have struggled to get our shots like every other charter boat out there. And when conditions aren’t right the best thing to do is keep in open mind and maybe try for another species that will be more accessible due to more favorable winds, tides and currents.

On the inshore side the tarpon continue to bite well for us. We have caught tarpon on every trip in the last two months. I hate to say that because statements like that always come back to haunt you but there is no other way to say it. The fish continue to be on the larger size which has been a nice surprise.

My last trip before this report was Saturday. We did an afternoon trip from 12:00 to 8:00pm. We started out by catching pilchards in Government Cut. After getting bait we headed offshore and several minutes into our first drift we got our first sailfish. We soon added a mahi-mahi to the box. A little while later we added yet another mahi-mahi and then proceeded to finish that four hour portion of the trip with another sailfish. At the midpoint of our trip we headed inshore to look for some tarpon.

20 minutes into our first drift on the beach the rod doubled over and we were fast into our first tarpon of about 70 #s. Setting up for our next drift we again hooked up but had that fish come off. We reset yet again and got our second tarpon of the day. This fish was considerably bigger than the first. This fish was about 110-120#’s. After fighting the fish for a while we released our second fish of the day. As I was starting to set up for our fourth drift my customer said no more. He was too tired to continue and that was the way our day ended. Our tally for the day was 2 mahi-mahi, 2 sailfish, and 2/3 on tarpon.
The combination offshore/inshore trip has become popular because you can sample a lot of fish in a small amount of time. If this sounds like something that would interest you give me a call and we can set something up.

Until next time, Best of Luck…

Capt Gil Gutierrez
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