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Miami Offshore Report

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Fishing Continues To Be Strong

Fishing continues to strong on board the Lucky27.The sail fishing has picked up since my last report. We have had some clean blue water and strong north current that has led to some good sailfish. Last week the Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament was held and they caught 320+ fish in 2 ½ days of fishing so given the right conditions the sailfish will be there.
We also had several days of easterly winds that led to several dolphin in the fish box. Please keep in mind size limits and quantity limits on these fish. The limit is set at 20” to the fork and 10 per person. I have been seeing a lot of enforcement agencies on the water so keep in mind fishing limits and boating laws. The kingfish have slowed down for me. Previously we were getting boat limits on several trips but that has slowed down to just a couple of fish. But that is fishing when one species slows down other species step into its place. Soon we will also start to get the blackfin tuna coming thru so stay tuned.
Tarpon again continue to be our most stable species. We have caught tarpon on every trip except one and even on that one trip that we still caught a mutton snapper, mangrove snapper, ladyfish, jack cravell, and a mackerel. The fish continue to feed on shrimp but they are starting to show a preference for crab also so put one of those on your lines. The fish we have been catching have been averaging between 50-110#’s with about 2-5 shots per night.

As we change to daylight savings time we start to get a lot of trips from 1-8. This gives us the opportunity to fish both offshore for sailfish, tuna, and mahi-mahi and inshore for tarpon. So give me a call and lets go catch something.

Best of Luck…

Capt Gil Gutierrez
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