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We're fishing the Mid Atlantic 500 this week and set out Sunday to do some practice and practice we did on these long billed white rascals.

the bite was slow for us, buuuut with an hour to go we managed to get a double white marlin hook up. Neither was big enough to bring to the scales, but still got us on the board and helped out the 6 hours of boredom we started the day feeling.

We decided to run to a new area to see if we could find a winner. Ran three hours at about 30knts and arrived to find some dirty water...not good. Ran a little further and decided to put out the spread. Day started pretty slow, not a bite until after lunch. Final tally was 1 for 3 on white marlin and 0 for 1 on a crazed blue marlin that came into the spread but all he wanted was the teaser and then as we got him near the boat our lure hooked a piece of trash in the water, a plastic bag of all things and that was that. Mr blue smiled and waved to us as he swam away. We are taking two lay days to let this rain and front go through and heading out Friday to see if we can come up with a winner. Top white marlin is still is 88lbs caught by the Billfisher.

Some pics

Link to my Ocean City Mid Atlantic 500 Picture Album in my Tidal Fish Picture Albums
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