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Headed out of the South River yesterday morning with a buddy of mine, who also decided to stay home and avoid the DC/Pope madness. Boy was it snotty out there. Sustained 15 knot winds, gusts of 20, solid 2 foot seas with the occasional set of 3-4 foot rollers. Threw in the drone spoons and planers, and caught fish non-stop for about 7 hours. We must have caught 60 fish. Lots of small-large blues, small rock, and huge Spanish Mackerel. Came home with 1 x 22" Rockfish and a half dozen Spanish all over 20 inches. We fished from Green #1 to about a mile south of 85A. We caught fish everywhere in between. Good thing we caught, because it was straight nasty out there in the morning.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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