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A friend of mine invited me out on for a trip on Saturday. We left around 6am and headed south. The crew consisted of 9 guys and most of them are not in any way shape of form fishermen, they were there for the Bud Lights....Sorry Captain Bob! I know fishing has been tough this year, but once I realized we had 3 seasoned bay Captains leading our charter we were sure to catch some fish. Captain Bob Baker, Captain Karl Bieberich and Captain Wayne Morgan were all on the boat, so we could not be in better hands. I would like to thank Captain Wayne Morgan for some of the tips he gave me throughout the day. We caught 7 fish and back to the dock around 12(I think because I had 3-4 to many Bud Lights).

If you are thinking about chartering a boat you can't go wrong with the Miss Grace. The crew and boat are 1st class! Even with the weather on Saturday all 9guys had a blast and were comfortable the entire trip even with the rain and wind.


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