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Mojo's For $6 Each

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I placed an order from Dean Gibbs who posted an ad on craigslist from richmond. I've never met him but he stated he sells mojos up to 24 oz's for $6 each shipping and handling was $10 extra for 15 of them. So i mixed them up and a few days later here they are. If anyone else would like to contact Dean Gibbs , feel free to call him at 804-721-7117. He was easy to work with and i don't know where the price can be beat.

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Looks like the fisherman’s been caught again. It's a flat out shame he messed up those white ones by adding the red. It's another crime in and of itself that he ruined the chartreuse ones with all that green. Still a good price....but his old mold was better;-)
Bill - He'll make'em any way you want'em (color-wise)... probably easier to do all one color anyway.
I surely wasn't trying to pick on Dean as I do have some of his Mojos but I was busting Charlies butt:clap:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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