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Caught 4.
Threw back a Dink
other 3 were 33" , 36" and 41".
Blue and Chart. Stretch 30's and Imatator.
32' of water.
Bait and Fish Marks.
some Gannets Diving.

Heard there were alot of Fish caught way South,
The ones at the Dock were small.


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Angler Management reporting-

Fished long and hard with lots of bait at Green Can. It was hard to leave bait but moved to Rudee Inlet with no sucess. We had many fellow fisherman on the radio and cellphones but nothing good to report. Moved NE from Rudee to 35' water off Ramada and starting seeing bait, fish and divers. We picked up two fish (39" that weighed 38.5 lbs and a 36" that weighed 34 lbs) on red/white stretch. We switched to four baits red/white stretch 25 & 30 & 12 and missed three more fish on various baits but called in several other boats and they picked up enough to say "NO SKUNK!" Walter did a great job moving and switching baits as I tried everything in the box to hook up fish. Did I mentioned that my 9 & 7 year old have caught all the fish on Angler Management for the last two weeks!!!!!!! Reese and Wyatt are only getting better at reeling fish!!!!!

Back at the dock, Kevin on SUCESSION picked up fish south. I must have turned off the radio instead of turning down the squelch as SUCESSION tried to call me to make the run south. False Cape is always consistent this time of year!!! Just a longer boat ride from Lynnhaven but that's why you buy the electronics.

Hard fishing but that's why it's fishing and not catching.

See you on the water,
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