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Sorry for the late post, but I had to get some work out of the way.

Went out mon evening, jigged the ES pilings, Current was starting to slack, so I was able to pull up mostly smaller, 16-19" off the bottom. Decided to go up to LP, where I have ben having limited success trolling. lots of marks, but few takers. I'm using red tubes on the bottom, bucktails in the middle, spoons on top. most of the hits are the spoons. All small. Still some current, but no pickings, so I head back, figure I'll just troll podickery and then get back to the magothy for a late dinner. Ran into 5 birds mulling about. I got closer and started to see some tail slaps. looked bigger than just alewife.

Set out the spread again, this time just the bottom tubes, one bucktail and one spoon. two passes, nada. but I did picked up a few 18" topwater while I was trolling by. So the next set of passes I raised up the trolling gear, brought in the tubes. Double hits every pass, sometime three at a time (bucktail was a tandem). all 16-20". not comfortable keeping the 20", but this was sure fun. No one else around anywhere. Finally, one rod doubles over,(bucktail) and it takes me awhile to land a 31". awesome!. a few more passes, all releases, then head home for diner.

I hope to find some breakers again soon, maybe fri? if not, Spot may finally be on the menu.


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