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After being skunked on Friday and only throw backs Sunday, I couldn't take it, had to try it again.
Dan (Oldsi) met us at our boat and we headed out of Deale about 1:00 today.
Ran straight out to about 25', and into working birds.
Hooked up with a double right off the bat, both throw backs.
Chased the birds for a while, but nothing but youngins'.
So we decided to leave those lying birds and troll around, but they kept popping up in front of us.
Lots of marks, but no takers. A Few hours later we were about to pull them in for the day, bummed out,
when the WBL starts screaming, seriously. A fat 32" er, in the box, (Smells Gone), then the deep line goes off,
and its a sweet 24"er , we also picked up a 19".

The bite was turning on, but the sun was going down.
We were happy.

Yes, we can catch fish! :clap:

Actually Mary catches the fish, fillets, and cooks them.
I just drive the boat


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Nice job. This weekend the better action was definitely better for us on the western side.
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