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You might want to post the same question on the fly-fishing board, lots of members have been there...

I've flyfished there...just time it right with the tides...go at the bottom half of the outgoing and the bottom of the incoming, otherwise wading will be a b!tch.

Be prepared to walk a LONG way in calf- to thigh-deep water and a soft sand bottom. It ain't easy. You're going to want to wade out a long way, up to a mile or so...there are numerous cuts and channels between the bars, on the moving tide this is obviously where you want to fish. Small clousers and epoxy flies did the job for me....

Bring water and you MUST bring a small compass. Dense fog can roll in very quickly and you can become totally disoriented...people die there every year for this reason, the water is still very cold and ripe for hypothermia, even in mid-June. The compass will get you back to land.

When the tide turns and it starts getting deep, get outta dodge NOW. It can get deep very quickly under a moving tide and you don't want to get caught out there.

Wading is fun, kayak is better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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