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Me and my 4 yr old first mate got the boat out yesterday and cleaned it all up, checked batteries , systems, etc.

With the great forecast for Sunday we decided to run the boat and put it in it's slip for next weekend.

Launched at Shipping Creek Ramp to pond like conditions. Checked all systems and bilge one last time and we were off.

Clothing Water Smile Sky Leg

Funny part is trying to explain a no wake zone to a 4 yr old as she wanted to go faster. I like launching there as it's quieter, plus you have a mile of no wake to let the motor warm up.

Water temp was 55 in the creek

Once we got out to Eastern Bay it dropped to 50.6 to 51.2

Saw more ducks on the ride then I saw all duck season

Great Ride over to the Narrows and we're all set for the season to start. Let's hope for fishable weather.
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