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Fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon last week was hot if you could find the spot. Some days the fish were plentiful but the next it could be a struggle to locate a few. More and more mullet are returning to the lagoon and are invading the flats. Topwater baits fished around schools of finger mullet should bring strikes from hungry trout. Just because the mullet are present, however, does not guarantee the trout will be under them. Tim Payne, Terry Hill, and I found this to be true on Friday. The first several spots which we visited had held multiple schools of redfish several days before. We could not even locate a single. The fourth spot of the day finally produced two schools of reds and one hookup on a Capt. Joe's rootbeer/pink shredder.

After that fish, the school ran into the howling wind and we could not keep up with them.

The high winds made casting tough but it did keep the crowds down so we decided to try for some bigger fish. We found several schools but the conditions made keeping track of them difficult. They would appear for long enough for a cast or two and then submerge in the cloudy water or move out of range. Persistence was the key and Terry finally hooked and landed this 36" red.

We tried and tried to get one for Tim but between the wind and several boats that arrived with trolling motors, the majority of the fish stayed submerged in the deeper and dirty water. We left the big fish and went searching for a redfish of any size. Checking several more spots where I had seen and caught fish earlier in the week we found nothing. Several of those spots had zero visibility as the high winds had muddied the water. We gave up on the reds and tried for some trout. After several moves and many casts, they each landed a few with most of them coming on a DOA shrimp/Cajun Thunder combo. The fish were on the small size and were not nearly as plentiful as I had hoped but considering the weather, we were luck to have caught what we did.

The forecast for most of this week is calling for more wind but mild temperatures. I have heard reports of the tarpon and snook bite turning on in the Sebastian River. As soon as the weather allows, I plan to investigate for myself. If you are planning on fishing the lagoons this weekend, look for areas of clean water with plenty of mullet. Topwater baits will draw strikes as will soft plastics. The pinfish and puffers have returned in full force so be prepared to lose plenty of soft plastic tails to them if you are blind casting.

Capt. Chris Myers
Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters
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