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MSSA Montgomery County?

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Hello all. I live in Silver Spring and my office is in Bethesda. I would love to attend more MSSA meetings, but there is no chapter that is particularly convenient for me. I currently attend the Magothy/Broadneck chapter but it can take an hour to get there.

Do any of you live in southern Montgomery Co? Has there ever been a “Capital Area” MSSA chapter? A Capital Area chapter could draw anglers from DC, and Northern VA. If a Capital Area chapter was under consideration I would volunteer to be very involved in formation, promotion and operation.

Which chapter do others in this area join? What other organizations are MSSA members in this area involved with? Fredrick would be a nightmare to get to in the evenings up 270.

Thanks, Jeremy
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I had a nice lunch with Dave Smith yesterday. This may be happening very soon... Stay Tuned.
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