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MSSA Spring Tournament- Big Boat Show Savings

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The MSSA is running a special offer this year at all the shows. If you sign up for the 26TH Annual MSSA Spring Tournament prior to April 1 you will receive a FREE entry into the $25 TWT skill catagory. Couple that with the $25.00 Early Bird Discount and the free Captains Shirt for a total savings of $66.00. The $25 TWT deal is good ONLY if you sign up at a show-not by mail or on-line. We'll be at The Baltimore Boat Show, Trisate Marine Show, PSG Flea Market, Ocean City Show, and all the MSSA Chapter Fishing Flea Markets and Shows (Annapolis, Dorchester, Essex-Middle RIver, and Southen MD) For more details call 410-255-5535.
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Frank, I think I read a post earlier that we could get tickets to the show at the MSSA office....guess I'm probably a little late now, but was that the case? Tom
That's great. Thanks for the reply and I'll be talking to you today. See you guys at the show. Tom
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