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Butter 3/4 stick
Garlic 3/4 tlbs minced
Portabello mushrooms 3 or 4 cups diced
Parsley/ Oregeno i really like these 2 especially together FRESH
Gotta be Fresh or forget it.
(or your favorite herbs)
1 Can Cambells chicken stars/noodle soup, (Broth Only)
1/3 or 1/2 can, if u need some more liquid use a lil more

Romano cheese 1/4 cup

Optional sun dried tomatoes (blanched and sliced thin)
or red/green peppers, or onion

3/4 strips bacon(save lil bacon fat/grease)
3 or 4 tbls bacon fat

Chicken Breast OR Fish

marinate with something oily so no stick
(Ceaser Dressing for bird, 2/3 hrs)

med hi heat

sautee butter and garlic
salt pepper 2 mins

add portabell mushrooms
sautee on med hi 5/6 mins

add fresh herbs
ramano cheese
bacon fat/bacon crumple up bacon/dice
sun dried tomatos
chicken broth

sautee a few more minutes, your done

Serve over Grilled chicken breast of Fish

This sauce really looks nice served over top something grilled.

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hey Tf'ers

I cooked this topping again last night.

My wife said it was freaking awesome, this is 1 of my own

she was hhhmmmmm and aahhhhh ing(no I wasn't naked)

1 of u guys cook this 4 your Wife/girl friend whatever

and let me know what you think.

this would be a great Mothers day Idea.

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[Q]hippie joe originally wrote:
jplain old chicken broth won't work?
[/Q]NO! It absolutely must come from a can and be full of extra salt and preservatives.[smile]

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well CG i have some canned chicken broth full of salt and preservatives. just hate to throw away perfectly good stars.
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