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Tailing Reds in Florida:

Early [email protected]zy pt.

HOing w/Baldzilla

HOing w/ Baldzilla while my boat was getting repowered

Tagged fish while trolling with Salman in spring

Big Catch

KenY's nice D-bay drum

Mac fishing outa Buzz's

Another odd catch while trolling at 6-8mph

Salman with an above the BB Mac

HO from Hell

Nate with a nice flounder on 18hr seabass trip

Master Kimbro in action

Pop. Is. Bluefish blitz's


Not one of our bragging days......BB in January....BBRRRRRR

Some cool pics

Enjoy........and thanks for another great year on TF.


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Thanks for man for giving me a chance to get out there like to get another shot @ the macs Hopefully next season I can bring Brian along apprently he knows how to catch fish

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Ahhhh! You seem to have forgotton Josh, I caught that wopper 13"er on topwater.:D
Ah yes, on that dropper fly that was barely more than a bare hook! My version of the story is that we had just drifted on the the edge of a school of huge cows, but the other LATE ho called us to say he was at the ramp and we ran back to get him. An almost-epic evening of fish slaying!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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