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Decided on a later run because of the forecasted weather. Cleared the inlet at 5:45, arrive to the tip of the Washington with nice 70* water around 8:30 am and set the spread. Ten minutes go by and the WWB bird shute/bally is exploded on and the reel is dumping, thinking big yellowfin or bigeye. After about a 20 minute fight the leader gives way, not the way we wanted to start the day of our first trip this season! Brand new leader broke right down the middle, who knows. Work towards the bigeye hole and talk with Bryce (BBauer, I'll let him tell his own report, he crushed them early). Fleet had crowded the bigeye hole, so we paddle our own path West. Both long riggers go down and one comes unglued after a few minutes. First yellowfin in the box. Next shot is a skippy, which is quickly released. Next we have 2 go down and 1 stays tight, second yellowfin in the box. Next encounter is a short bite on the WWB again and then 2 rods go down and one stays tight, third yellowfin in the box. All this in the same spot over the course of a few hours and the boats moved in. Decided to call it a day at 2:30 with the seas laying down and made 38 kts on the way in on a following sea. For the fleet, some, like Bryce, got them good early before everyone showed up, but most had 1-3 yellowfin and some mahi mixed in. They're there, go get em!

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