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I had a lot of fun fishing in 2008 and was able to catch 5 personal bests including: flounder, black drum, red drum, spadefish and tautog.

Started off 2008 by answering a HO call in early January and joining johnnyo on his Robalo down CBBT jigging big BKDs for some oceanside stripers. It was good to get out even though it was a little windy on Saturday.
Photo taken by Rattletrap Phil.

In early April I was invited to join Dem Maryland Boys on their annual flounder trip to Wachapreague. The weather was raw and the fishing was slow but I did manage to catch one of my biggest flounder. Photo taken by Hillbilly Jack.

Here's one of my late April rockfish from Maryland waters.

In mid-May, Jack and I traveled to CBBT for drum. The plan was to go for blacks during the day and reds at night. I was to put Jack on his first black and he was to help me get my first big red. We fished long and hard and had a great time.

Here's Jack with his first black drum. It was our first bite of the day after a couple hours of soaking sea clam baits. The weather was very nice until a front came through toward the evening. We got a little wet on our ride back to the ramp.

Here's me with my personal best - 49" black drum. This was the second bite. We went on to catch 2 more blacks that afternoon. All of the blacks were released.

The next day we were joined by Rattletrap Phil and Jim Hensley. The daytime fishing was slow but as soon as the sun went down the redfish action was on! Special thanks to LHOLMES for the intel. I was up first and here is my personal best red. A 46 incher! Good enough for a release citation! Check out that tail.

Phil got a release citation too!

Here's Jim with one. It was rocking and rolling out there. You can see Jack in the photo trying to steady Jim as he held the heavy fish for a pic.

In late June I was invited to join Jim amd Jamie Gill and his friend Jon for a cobia and spadefish trip on the "Miss Susie" with Capt Greg Buckner. It turned out the cobia were nowhere to be found but we did manage a redfish bite the first day. I had a great time fishing with those guys.

Here's me with one.

The next day we went to the CLT to target spades.

Here's one of my biggest.

Early August was the Annual Classic Parker raft-up which is always a lot of fun eating, drinking and socializing with other Parker owners.

Here's a couple pics from that event:

Me and The Esteemed Captain John Deering.

Kevin, Dale and Dave. The Classic Parker brain trust.

Here's a couple puppy drum shots from Columbus Day weekend with my brother Phil. He had never caught a red and I had never caught one in Maryland.

In mid-November, Steve F and I drove down to Ocean City for a tog trip. We fished 3 days for the blackfish and were joined by Mike Rose on day two. Here's a few pics from that trip.

It was kinda funny how I finished up my 2008 fishing season in that it ended much the way it started by fishing with johnnyo again! We each answered a HO call from athome aka Rick who had his Parker 2520 already down CBBT.
Saturday night we tried eeling the high rise area but after 5 hours with only a dogfish to show for it we headed to our motel room to rest up for the next day.

Here's johnnyo with the big fish of the trip, a 40 incher.

Naturally I fished a lot in between including C&R shad up the Susquehanna, C&R rock up the Flats and a few trolling and live-lining trips in the mid-bay but these pics represent my most productive outings. I have to say I had a really great year meeting new people and making new friends in fishing. I look forward to an even better year in 2009!

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Nice post! I am trying to find a weather window to get back out to the ocean if you want to strat your 09 like 08:pp Johnny O

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Tim, that looks like one heck of a year! Congratulations on getting your first paper black and red drum and catching some new species. I hope you have as much or more success in 2009. It was great meeting and fishing with you. Jim.

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Nice post Tim. Looks like a pretty good year. We're going to have to work a lot harder this year for our Experts:thumbup:
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