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The Winter of 2015 was a long stretch of no fishing for me. Instead, it was house projects, hernia surgery and hoary weather. I did visit with friends, talk a lot about fishing and shovel a lot of snow. I daydreamed a lot too. My actual 2015 fishing started once Spring came. Then, It was almost every weekend for three months, a short Summer lull, then back at it in the Fall. Bonnie and I vacationed in the Florida Keys in May. I caught three new species in 2015, a Peacock Bass, a Mayan Cichlid and a pigfish bringing my total to 108.

I always look forward to catch and release Shad fishing below Conowingo Dam and the Upper Bay Rivers. My old friend Kenny and his son Anthony joined me a few times. I spent Opening Day of Rockfish shad fishing.


The Susquehanna Flats Catch and Release season is another fishery I greatly anticipate. This year I only went a few times, but I was happy to help my friend Ange get his personal best - a 41 incher.

Ange - 40 incher.jpg

I have been wanting to catch a Peacock Bass so I booked a trip with a Miami area guide and steady caught Peacocks in one of the canals until we ran out of shiners. Here is a photo of the biggest, an award size in the range of 8 lbs.

Peacock Bass Miami Falls 2015.jpg

I also caught a trophy size Mayan Cichlid. My second new species of the year.

Mayan Cichlid.jpg

The next day I went tarpon fishing. This was my 5th time going after tarpon since 2000. My biggest was 100 lbs in 2002 in Islamorada and I was hoping for a new personal best. It was not to be but still, I can't complain catching two 90 lbers.

Tarpon - Islamorada May 2015.jpg

Tarpon on 2015.jpg

The weekend after I got back, I went red drum fishing with Leon aka catman and his two friends, Rob and Jimbo. Leon and I have fished in some sporty conditions and this drum trip was no exception. Once we motored past the cement ships out of Kiptopeake State Park, the wind and waves were relentless. Still, Leon is an intrepid angler and we forged through choppy seas to eke out two big citation red drum. Talk about extreme fishing. Here's a photo of my 47 inch and Rob's 46 inch red drum.

Tim - 47 incher.jpg

Rob - May 2015.jpg

In June I was invited by my good friend Brian Pelisek to join him in a flounder trip wading Cape Henlopen; a trip I have been wanting to do for some time. He won the trip at a CCA meeting. We met Tony, Trey and Gary at the park. Jesse Rossman and I drove down together in his truck. We waded through an incoming tide and caught a few nice ones to take home.

Brian and Tim Cape Henlopen.jpg

In July my nephew visited me from PA. I help him catch his first pickerel in my pond. We had fun and will do it again this coming summer.

Carey's first pickerel 7-5-15.jpg

Carey with LMB.jpg

The following weekend I was back down CBBT to meet up with my PA fishing buddy Rick. He is a flounder fanatic but loves to catch drum and cobia too. That was our plan. It was off and on rain and we got a late start, but still managed to get some nice fish to the boat. For some reason, I was out of sorts and lost a big flounder, a big red and a citation size trigger fish. That has never happened. Still, I had fun and caught some fish. No cobia, but flounder and drum.

CBBT black drum.jpg

CBBT red drum 7-11-15.jpg

In August I fished with Brian a few times down his place by the Choptank River. We caught whiter perch, small blues and sub-legal rock for two days straight. I pulled this hickory shad out of a school of breaking fish one day.

Choptank River Hickory shad.jpg

The Fall found me fishing as much as I could but mostly in the Upper bay area. I fished out of Turner's Station a few times and caught many schoolies.

The day after Thanksgiving Frank Bonanno invited me to fish out of PLO. Truth be told, I jumped in Brian's spot when he wasn't watching! Anyway, on that trip I got hooked up on my first cast. That day we must have caught over 150 stripers between four of us. I posted my picture on the DNR Angler's Log of that trip. Fun.

Point Lookout  11-27-2015.jpg

Ponit Lookout Frank and Mike 11-27-2015.jpg

December was a warm month around here. On the 12th, my wife Bonnie and I fished the mouth of the Patapsco. We saw Tom Hughes and Doug Schopman out there and said hello. Tom took our picture.

Patapsco River Dec 12, 2015.jpg

The next day I went down to PLO again with Jesse and Drew. We had a good time catching some fish and joking around until the wind blew Drew's cell phone out of his hand. He took it in stride and chalked it up as experience.

Lately I've been perch and crappie fishing with Tim Burnum. My goal is catch a 15 inch crappie and a 14 inch yellow perch but it may take a long time to do! Meanwhile, I'm having a good time trying.

crappie 11.75 inches long.jpg

Tim + Tim         12-27-2015.jpg

Tim B Crappie  12.5 inch 12-27-15.jpg

In my spare time I've been writing for Upper Bay Boating, a new free boating magazine found in places such as Weaver's Marine, West Marine and Riverside. If you haven't seen it yet, check out www.upperbayboating.com to read it for free. Just click on the magazine cover. And look for the Boat Show issue coming out in January.

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That is ridiculous! You fish WAY too much. Cool it!! GREAT YEAR!! Thanks for sharing Tim................Gary

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Jay - Thanks, I'm sure you had a good year too! BTW, I don't know why there are 2 posts of My Year in Pics. I merely tried to do some editing and saw two different posts! I'm using the one with the most views and the most responses. That is the one I edited.
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