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Small Craft Advisory, 25-30 mph winds from the WNW, no problem, it's the Nanticoke, just find a shoreline and hide ... right?

RIGHT! That's what we did today, from 10:30am (nearly dead low tide, and the lowest I've ever seen at the Nanticoke harbor ramp) until 3:30pm. We crossed the river and hid along banks and killed the croakers all day long.

We released most everything below 10 inches and still ended the day with 25 total, with a few in the 13-14 inch range. Also on the hook were 1 spot, 1 perch and 3 eels (slimy bastages). The baits we used were box squid, clam, shrimp and bloodworms, the squid worked well but the clams really seemed to be the ticket on most catches, not much joy with the worms and shrimp.

My best catch yet on the boat and the worst weather I've taken it out in. I didn't think to take a picture but the entire river was whitecaps however the swells weren't too bad until the afternoon as the wind had changed to move more from the NNW.

Here is a pick of the biggest fish (the ruler is 12inches) and the whole bunch lined up.

We hope to go back out tomorrow and maybe hit Crisfield Monday if the wind is really in the 5mph range then.

aka 1st Timer

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