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Hey All-

My wife finally broke down and bought me the dog I have always wanted, a female yellow English Lab. The family wants to name her Lucy but I was looking for a nautical name.

I need your help! Any ideas on nautical female names?

Thanks alot!

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A friend of mine had his dog named Vela. Vela is the spanish word for sail. I do both sailboat racing and fishing, so I like it.
Other names: Marina or
Fisga: translates in spanish to a harpoon with 3 hooks for catching large fish.

Congrats on your lab. Mine is 10 and just last weekend I did the 5k turkey run in D.C. with him and he still ran like a pup. I definitely held him back. He is just too active to take on my boat though. I worry about him jumping overboard and getting snagged on a trolling lure. But, you may be better if you start him young.

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I'll try to think of one for you. Mine is a black/rescue named Sally = immature female crab.
Jim (Jimmy = mature male crab)

Once you have a lab, you will never want any other type of dog.

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Marina (I second that name)








Zabra (small Spanish sailing vessel)

(some are more feminine than others but female dogs can have nuetral names. My last female lab was named Spencer after Spencer Creek off the Miles)

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Hey Man Just a congrats on your Choice .I have a 13 year old Chocolate that I named my Vessel after Buster.:DBEST fishing Dog I ever owned. If I can add some helpful info to save your furniture from a curious pup Give her 2 ltr. plastic bottles(Mine LOVES to unscrew the caps off first) and Cardboard boxes staplefree.
I'll give it some more thought and Good luck.

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Hey MJ,

Congrats on the new pup, a great bread and great for families. In addition to nautical names, you may want to consider Chesapeake themed names. Our female lab is Tilghman, we call her Tillie. Tolly was also on the list as we live right off that point.
Be sure to post a pic!

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Found this for you hope it helps. I never did win at that family meeting when it came to pet names. I do like GALE a lot though!
Agua: Spanish for "water."
Ballast: Heavy materials at the bottom of a ship used to keep the ship upright.
Bow: Front of ship.
Buccaneer: The pirates and pirateers who plundered the shipping and coastal towns in the West Indies and on the coasts of South and Central America in the second half of the seventeenth century.
Captain: Person who is in charge of a vessel
Careen: To lean to one side, as a ship sailing in the wind.
Cog: A ship developed to withstand pirate attacks. It had very high sides and a raised bow and stern.
Cruiser: A cruise ship is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages.
Dirk: A long thin knife. It was used for fighting in close quarters, as well as cutting rope.
Fathom: A measure of six feet, used to describe the depth of water.
Fluke: The portion of an anchor that digs securely into the bottom, holding the boat in place
Gale: A storm with a wind speed between 34 and 40 knots.
Grommet: A name British seamen gave to an apprentice sailor, or ship's boy
Jetty: A manmade structure projecting from the shore.
Jib: A triangular sail attached to the headstay.
Keel: Lowest lengthwise running timber of ship.
Marina: A place where boats can find fuel, water and other services.
Mate: An assistant to the captain.
Nautica: Relating to ocean and sailing. Also a designer outerwear company.
Navy: All ships of a nation, whether for war or commerce.
Pacifica, Pacifico: Derived from the name of the Pacific ocean.
Pirate: One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.
Port: Left side of a ship.
Rover: A Sea Rover is a pirate's ship.
Runner: Adjustable stay used to control tension on the mast.
Sailor: Name of Christy Brinkley's daughter.

Sampson: A strong post used to attach lines for towing or mooring.
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