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Had a few of my customer out today for some stiper action I had promised them. So after along day yesterday I asked if we could leave around 7:00 AM as we usually do and was asked to leave at 8:00 AM. I was hoping to be the first one the bite and come home early. Darn could be late for the early dance. Well it turned out we were a little late and forgot to catch our girl as she fell. Had 8 bites with four fish coming to the net (all were 30 Pounders). Also caught 11 menhaden as well. It was tough fishing with boats making U-Turn in the middle of the fleet to get on fish or seeing someone hook up and turning in on them. Gorgous day on the water and man the bird action was awesome but there was no fish to be found in them.

Well be back out on Thursday to do it all again. As Billy would say, "Some days you are the bug and others the windshield."
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