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I went down to the boat to do some maintenance and began polishing the metal. If you have seen Succession you know there is tons of metal to polish. So get metal polished, pull out anchor rope to dry, get part numbers for new windless anchor control solenoid.... and so on. While doing this I have a two past charter customer’s call to see if I can put together a couple of folks for a makeup charter. So I did. We headed out around 1:00PM in a stiff NE wind, but after talking with a couple other boats that had been out there knew it was fishable. Get just past the pound nets and find the bird going off! Lines in and start catching 26 to 30 inch fish. So after catching 10 fish in about 20 minutes. Could have run back in with a limit for the guys which were happy, but no I decide to pick up and head out into the channel for something bigger. Well it was a solid 3 to 4 foot NE chop, lines in and we troll in the it trough. In 15 minutes we had 4 fish in the 32 to 34 inch range. Then get a call from C-Note and Billfisher that they had been fishing most of the day with little action, but it had ERUPTED for them and was going off down at Dam Neck. So we fished for 20 more minutes and told the guys we are going to make a run down to Dam Neck for a bigger class of fish. We ran down doing 25 knots and the boat eat it up making for a great ride. The guys said it had died off and were worried I had made the run for nothing. I could see on the radar that there was action away from them.

I stopped about 1/2 a mile before them and lines in. Well GAME ON! We get 6 lines out just before the action in front of us. With the 6th line hitting the bottom everything came tight. The guys were freaking out and could not believe it. Because they could not reel in the fish with out me going in and out of gear. Why because all 6 rods had double fish on them with 25 to 30 pounders and a second fish was almost always a 15 to 20 pounder. As we get fish in we would set the empty rod back out and get hooked up immediately. The guys fished for 35 minutes and caught over 19 fish from 34" to 42". Biggest weighed 35 Pounds at 42”. The deck was full of fish and we were throwing fish back as fast as we caught them. Now that was fishing and I have to thank the guys for calling me in and for having a boat that could allow us to fish in the slop safely. Back at the dock by 5:00 PM catching fish like no tomorrow! Man I love this place
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