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Hi Guys,
Got the boat rigged up late in the season to be able to pull 9 rods and a dummy line. I was wondering if you guys could give me any ideas or examples of what you would pull with 9 rods in the spring.

3 Port planer
3 Starboard Planer
2 off boat
1 roof rod WWB


Please help!!! I was thinking tandems off of the boards and big umbrellas off the boat and dummy. What weights and what lengths should I start out with.

All rods are running 65 Lb power pro!!

Thanks in advance

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Biggest thing is to cover the various depths until you start getting hits.

For the planers - I would rig one side a singles 4 oz parachutes- two chart-one white.The other side go tandems 6oz as the dropper and 2 oz as the trailing lure.Mix up the colors on these - white with purple/ chart with white - all white and all chart.

I like 100 feet then 75 feet then 50 feet for three board rods.See which are getting hit - then adjust the other lures to that length.

Off the boat - a 300' WWB tandem 4 oz parachute and 11/0 or 13/0 Cripple alewive

Other rods - a 200 foot back umbrella - no weight-just a 4 oz parachute.
150 foot umbrella or tandem - 8 ozs of lead

Dummy line - two choices - umbrella or a tandem parachute rig.

That's a basic spread - somedays I'll just run 12 off the planers - other days the downriggers catch.It pays to be very flexable in your spread.

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You can run umbrellas off the boards too. We ran 6 rods off each board this fall, with two of those being umbrellas, the other four being tandems. Don't be afraid to put an umbrella out on the end of the board.


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In the spring I would make your three boat rods (roof and 2 boat rods) all WWB's. Something like a 400 with a tandem, a 325 with a tandem, and then maybe a 275 with a small umbrella.

If you don't want three WWB's, possibly a 165 with an umbrella and a 200 with an umbrella.

These longer rods have always been the absolute best boat rods for me in the spring.
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