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Need Charter Reccs. for Del Ray / Boca area

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Would appreciate any reccs for great charter capt. in the del ray/boca region. Appreciate the help.
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Well I'm not in the Boca Area but I am in North Miami Beach. If I can be of service please let me know and have a great time with whom ever you go with. They won't let me post my website address so just google my name and it will be easy to find.

Capt. Gil Gutierrez
the "osprey" charters out of the boca hotel & resort. top of the line operation.....a few minutes south, at deerfield beach, are a number of charter boats. they are located at the cove marina. hillsboro blvd and the icw. two reccommendations would be the "rarin-2-go" and the "posiden"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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