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I am a Southern California offshore and inshore angler. I have been hearing many good things about Maycrafts, so many good things that I am flying out to tour their factory next Thursday and will fly home Saturday night. Before shelling out mucho dinero for a Parker I wanted to explore these boats. One guy out here swears by the variable deadrise Maycraft hull (23') and says it is the best riding small boat in Pacific swells he has ever been on and he goes out 80+ miles regularly.

Out here the deep vee is king, but I am open to new designs for sure. I especially like the no nonsense layout and bare bones feel to them. The pricing aint too bad either. I am going to look very seriously at the 2500 pilothouse and the 2700 p/h, either with twins.

While I'm in N.C. I will have a rental car and want to talk to a dealer that not only will deal, but is TRUSTWORTHY AND GOOD TO HIS WORD (if there is such a thing in the boat or auto industry). You all know the reputations of the local dealers in your area. Any advice on how to handle your dealers and which ones you trust and would not hesitate to give your business to would be greatly appreciated. We had a Maycraft dealer in Los Angeles, but alas, they went under (not because of Maycraft either).

Thanks in advance for any expert east coast advice. [wink]
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