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Due to the skunk tonight eeling the Bay Bridge area.

We left SPSP at 3:30 and fished until 6:30. Despite seeing working birds I decided to work the same area over structure where we had action friday night in hopes of a larger fish . Tide was flooding instead of on the ebb like friday. We had one run off where I wasnt able to set the hook. The fish let go despite me letting him take it for a few. It was a good run off where the fish even took the float under water for bit despite the 310gti only being on the clicker. I had great company with TF'er megabyte and my son Brennan. We hope to get them next time!

Saw a hog come in at the ramp that was taken on a deep running plug. They claimed the fish was over 40lbs and it was taken right at dusk. I am not sure what area they were trolling.
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